Grow topline with an engaging mobile experience and rich, intuitive functionality.

Mobile banking represents the new frontier for innovative banks, providing a fast-growing channel to drive new revenue and keep pace with larger banking competitors. iFiACCESS powers this emerging market by offering integrated mobile functionality across banking, brokerage, wealth management and insurance – customized to provide the perfect mobile experience for your demanding customer base.

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iFiACCESS’ pre-built, enterprise-class mobile app platform provides real, tangible value to your business:

Offer an intuitive, engaging digital experience
Meet the most stringent compliance standards
Increase referrals and improve customer recruitment
Improve customer loyalty & engagement
Serve customers anywhere, anytime
Reduce branch visits and improve engagement flexibility
Capitalize on mobile and cloud technologies
Increase cross-selling and up-selling
Decrease operational processing and rework


Customization and personalization
Multi-language / Multi-currency
Full customer / member registration module
Mobile personal banking functionality
Customer satisfaction surveys
Contact us, about us, privacy and disclosures
Mobile business banking
Referrals via social media
Marketing and messaging

End Users Features

Send money
Get credit score
Open an account
Receive money
Balances for all accounts
Pay bill
Remote deposit capture
Business banking
P2P payment and cash transfers
Text command
Transfer money


Improve customer engagement & loyalty

  • New investment account openings increased by 15%
  • rn
  • Check deposits lead time decreased by 3%
  • rn
  • $8 average per account overall balance benefit

Increase the use of fee-based services

  • 18% increase in adoption of wealth management services
  • rn
  • 12% increase in value of transaction (Banking / Wealth)
  • rn
  • $12 average revenue lift from increased transactions

Drive topline growth

  • 11% increase in quantity of debit transactions
  • rn
  • 7% increase in value of debit transactions
  • rn
  • Up to $100 of additional user revenue from various iFiACCESS features (other banking products)

Improve cost savings

  • 55% decrease in IVR call volumes & 15% decrease in live agent call volumes
  • rn
  • 15% decrease in check writing
  • rn
  • $4 average saving per account through channel efficiency and service gains

Extend your services with wealth management

  • Access a new market of brokerage partners and customers
  • rn
  • 18% increase in synergies between financial services
  • rn
  • Build stronger brokerage partner relationships